Obsession: Lighter

Resembling a drawing of neurotic, "Obsession: Lighter" is series of drawings with a single line stroke, that never stops, just as thoughts never stop. At some point this line starts to form an object, something we tend or wish to recognise, corresponding to thoughts, we consciously perceive. The tension between the indicated objects and free floating line is created by our vision apparatus, too eager to separate coherent from incoherent. But the process suggests another reading: the single line does not separate into subject and object but tempts to create something Deleuze and Guattari would call rhizome, a labyrinth, which is different from occidental labyrinth, missing Ariadne thread and Minotaur in the middle, without centre or periphery. The line has neither end nor beginning, it take detours and shortcuts, and encourages being lost. The manifestations of something barely coherent are contingent in their nature. The copy is another important aspect of the work. All drawings are scanned and enlarged to the point where the structure and movement within the stroke is revealed. Removing the original (that still exists, but whose importance diminishes in view of the enlargement, Benjamin's aura discarded) frees the work from material and medium interpretations and leaves it to float in the post-medium condition. It can be said that the process of creating this work resembles photographic process: the line drawn corresponds to that of light inscribing on the negative, while scanning, enlarging and printing already belong to the photographic. We might even call "Obsession: Lighter" a photograph.

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