The Image of Bathroom

Yes, it looks like this blog is YADEP - Yet Another Deleuzian Project. The creator of the blog will have to admit that the names, the tags and the placement of images suggest so. But these clues, suggestions and pointers have a different goal: they expose or reveal the whole Tumblr as a Deleuzian / Guattarian project, precisely something they have described in their book “What Is Philosophy?”. This blog can only be seen as one concept, with “absurd” Borgesian tags - reminding of his classification of animals in a Chinese encyclopaedia, which builds the plane of consistency, while other tags, the “normal” ones build exogenous connections to other blogs, other concepts and other planes of consistency. Other seems to be a bit of misnomer here, since the other would imply that there is this one, as if the images included here had a fixed, static identity. But how can they have it, if they are repeatedly decontextualised and recontextualised, or in Deleuze and Guattari’s words, deterritorialized and reterritorialized, by reblogging and retagging, in which they are assigned new meanings, faces and identities. Their identity can only be fluid, different whenever looked upon. The tags, that build the connections are omni-present by design, obscure the content of images and act as desire pointers, building a double projection. At the same time they are non-discriminatory as they do not differentiate between “expired film” and “pubic hair”, willing and eager to connect as soon as the concept is named. The alignment of the images on the screen seems to follow a different logic. The Tumblr theme, which algorithm is supposed to sort the images in the way to minimise the white space between them, is hacked. Defying its original purpose of optimising space, the algorithm spreads images in a pattern, creating almost fortuitous assemblage, that seems to obey some obscure law, repeating it with different results, in a different way with every new post and on every new screen. It is even hard to argue, that there is one blog “The Image of Bathroom”. It changes its structure, every time when view anew. And most of it content isn’t viewed on this plane. It is scattered in different blogs and feeds of different users, who follow all kind of tags. The concept, the plane of consistency needs not to reveal itself, to become visible in order to function, to create new threads. It is intertwined with other concepts, building dissonant series, with their differences resonating.

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